Mobile App Attribution

Saudi Arabia became crowded with mobile apps, app installs campaigns are everywhere on search engines & social media. But which platform/campaign drives more installs?

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If you own or manage digital marketing campaigns for your mobile app, you need to effectively promote your app, and understand where your most valuable audiences are coming from.
The mobile app attribution solutions will track and attribute each app’s install and report back to your social media platform about that event so you can optimize different campaigns based on their goals.

What is Mobile App Attribution?

It is also called Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). Simply, it’s similar to the website pixel but designed for mobile apps.
Mobile App Attribution technology determines which campaigns, partners, and channels delivered each app install, as well as understand the user's journey after install including purchases, sign-ups, and more.

Users will often interact with more than one promotion on multiple channels e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others before installing an app.

Therefore, mobile marketers need to know which channels or promotions actually drive installs or lead to purchase to make better budget allocation decisions, improve their user acquisition strategy, and optimize marketing performance.

MMP or Mobile App Install Attribution tools such as Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Tune will help digital marketers or advertisers to track and attribute each mobile app install to the right source.

Key Features of the Our Attribution Solution


Own the rules of your attribution, optimizing lookback window and other matching logic to fit the goals of unique campaign objectives.


Notify the ad networks in real-time about an app install or in-app event events to optimize the campaigns to get more clicks and conversions.


where is your omnichannel marketing budget spent?. You don’t want to be spending money blindly on different platforms. Therefore, measuring marketing ROI from every channel you are experimenting with will help you to uncover profitable campaigns that can be scaled up and underperforming ones that should be stopped.


Save your time and money by using the data that you already have in Firebase Analytics & GTM. (S2S) Integration is a method of integrating with mobile apps without the need to install an SDK or any code changes in the app.

Benefits of using Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

The benefits of implementing Mobile Attribution Tools are:

Become fully aware of the mobile user acquisition. (App Install/Download) 

Maximize ROAS across the omnichannel media mix.

Meet the growing needs of attributing app installs to optimize app download campaigns.

Minimize the integration process through server-to-server calls.

Utilize the power of pre-configured integrations with known social media and ad networks to send the conversion data and optimize the campaigns.

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