mobile app attribution

If you're running mobile apps install campaigns, you need mobile conversion tracking.

Mobile apps attribution helps you attribute every app install to a marketing campaign.

Daam Al-Arabia helps many mobile apps, e-commerce, and online retailers in Saudi Arabia to understand their campaigns' performance, optimize their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) & CPI (Cost per Install).

We do so by implementing the latest mobile tracking Real-Time Postbacks technologies which enable your marketing platform to optimize its results and lets you understand what's happening to your investment.

Why mobile apps attribution is important?

Attribution determines how much SAR you spent on every app install you gained (CPI), thus you understand how each marketing campaign is performing.
CPIWithout mobile apps attribution, you're shooting in the DARK!
Marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat ... etc. won't be able to optimize its result since it's not receiving the conversions.
Attribution is very important for every marketing campaign as it allows you to calculate the actual ROAS and CPI.


Exceed the Performance Expectations and Win More Conversions

Boosts your campaign performance and improve your ROAS with mobile app analytics and attribution tools that accurately measure, analyze, and optimize your mobile app conversions.


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