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Do you have an e-commerce or online store in Saudi Arabia? If so, then you must see the big picture with Google Analytics Enhanced e-Commerce tracking!

Da'am helps many websites, e-commerce, and online retailers in Saudi Arabia to understand and boost their online business. We do so by implementing the latest tracking technologies which enable you to understand your customers' behavior.


Measure What Matters

The enhanced e-commerce tracking helps you to know exactly what is going on your website how to recover abandoned cart whether you have Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, or a customer ASP solution.

Analyze Shopping Behavior 

enhanced ecommerce


Analyze Checkout Behavior

Checkout Behavior

Analyze products and sales performance

Sales product performance

Exceed the Performance and Win More Conversions

Improve the customer experience and product performance with digital analytics tools that accurately measure, analyze, and optimize your website.



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