[GA4] Analytics 360 property VS. a standard Google Analytics 4 property

GA4 Std.

 GA4 is the next generation of Analytics that tracks users' interactions based on events. This gives us the flexibility to unify data across platforms (websites, iOS Apps, and Android Apps) to better understand the customer journey.

GA4 360.

Google Analytics 360 is the enterprise level of GA which provides higher limits for data collection, sampling, reporting, data retention, configurations, and export to BigQuery.

GA4 360.

More Events & Parameters...


Less Sampling  & More API Tokens...


Longer Data Retention


GA4. VS GA4 360.
Features Details

FeatureGoogle Analytics 4 (standard)Google Analytics 4 (360)
Distinct Events  per stream (Apps)500
Events Marked as Conversions3050
Parameters per Event25100
event-scoped custom dimensions per property50125
event-scoped custom metrics per property50125
User-scoped custom dimensions per property25100
Audience Creation 100400
Exploration Reports Creation per User 200200
Exploration Reports Shared per Property 5001000
API Tokens per Day25,000250,000
Data Retention
14 Months50 Months
Events Export to BigQuery per Day1,000,000Billions
Events Export to BigQuery (Streaming)UnlimitedUnlimited
Roll-up Properties & Sub-properties0100
Data Sampling Quota Limit10 Million Events1 billion Events
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