Google Analytics 360 Brief                          

Google Analytics 360 Brief 

Update: Google recently announced Universal Analytics 360 sunset date will move from October 1, 2023, to July 1, 2024. This will give enterprise customers, who often have complex Universal Analytics implementations, more time to complete their migration to Google Analytics 4.

In this accelerating world, with limited marketing opportunities and intense competition, we often hear phrases like "What is the solution?" However, it is not surprising that Google issues a set of products at the company's level that help in finding solutions, solving problems, define the digital market, and promoting e-commerce.
Google Analytics 360 aims to help marketers gain a comprehensive view of their online marketing efforts. Google Analytics 360: Formerly known as Google Analytics Premium – the paid, enterprise-level tool for large companies.

Why Google Analytics 360?

GA 360, part of the Google Marketing Platform (GMP), offers a robust and integrated analytical solution for today's largest companies.
If you experience a decrease in traffic or sales, and if you want to collect complete data and improved customer experience, Google Analytics 360 is the solution.

Benefits of Analytics 360

The '360 Analysis' capabilities allow you to interrogate relevant data more easily and sharpen in faster answers to complex questions about online visitor behavior. One of Analytics 360 features is 360 unique reports, it benefits to give store and website owners the information they need to make informed decisions about their business. It allows you to determine what is effective and what is not, moreover it allows you to make early changes in campaigns or promote different products which will increase user engagement.
Google Analytics 360 can also produce reports about video serving campaigns, as well as perform what they call aggregated reports, which collect data from multiple properties (Mobile & Web). Google Analytics 360 gives you the ability to create reports tailored to your company's needs, although there are many specific reports available, Click here to know more about top Analytics 360 reports.

Difference between standard Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360:

Everyone is asking this question, What is the difference between the free Standard Edition and the premium 360 of Google Analytics? and what do you get more in Google Analytics 360?

To simplify the answer, there are some key advantages that determine the differences between the two products.
First, both versions of Google Analytics enable data collection from websites and mobile applications for iOS and Android and from custom data sources via the measurement protocol. However, GA360 has much higher capabilities at the level and amount of data that can be collected. It also contains additional options for custom data such as custom dimensions and metrics and more flexibility in organizing data.
Second, GA360 and GA standard have a variety of mergers with Google advertising platforms - you can be familiar with the integration of Google ads and It imports data from ads into Analytics. Google Analytics contains a variety of reporting and configuration APIs. Custom Tables help in generating unsampled data.
Third, GA360 also allows direct access to the collected data where it being exported automatically from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery, this allows to do more sophisticated analysis or can act as an export channel.

Another key difference between the standard and 360 is the focus on processing large amounts of data, on data aggregation, integration, and reporting, and exporting to BigQuery.

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