Top Benefits & Features of
Google Analytics 360

For Enhanced eCommerce Website & Mobile Apps

Google Analytics is the market-leading analytics platform that allows customers to analyze their online stores, understand their customers’ behavior, and understand the conversion rate of their products, the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
More importantly, some large companies and eCommerce firms need a powerful analysis tool that gives a more flexible way to work with data instantly.

Google Marketing Platform (GMP) offers an enterprise-level of the free version of Google Analytics named “
Google Analytics 360”. GA360 helps you to collect big data and get complete (unsampled) reports to improve your site's performance and optimize your marketing campaigns to win more conversions.
Analytics 360 is the right choice for large companies that aspire to improve online sales performance.

So, what are the key features and benefits that make you choose Google Analytics 360?


Big eCommerce retailers who have huge daily visits to their website generates too many interaction data. The paid version of Google Analytics (GA360) could start from 500 million hits per month while only 10 million hits for the free version.
Moreover, Google Analytics 360 allows you to process these data in just minutes (usually 10-15 minutes and up to 4 hours maximum) while the free version of Google Analytics could take up to 24-hours to process and show the data in the Google Analytics interface.

If you're not sure about the monthly hits your site generates, you can check the Admin section of the Google Analytics.

Unsampled Reports

Google Analytics 360 enables you to analyze up to 100 million sessions in one report which allows you to work with the actual data without sampling. Data accuracy is important to make the right decisions about product & promotion performance and marketing campaigns.
The free version of Google Analytics uses sampling for any report that exceeds 500,000 sessions of data within a date range.

More Functionalities

Google Analytics 360 allows collecting 200 custom dimensions & custom metrics, 400 views per property, and 5000 audiences definition. While Google Analytics standard (Free) allows collecting 20 custom dimensions & custom metrics, 200 views per property, and 50 audiences
Moreover, GA360 enables you to create Custom Funnels to visualize the steps your users take to complete a task and quickly see how well they are succeeding or failing at each step. You can act on this information to improve your site and reduce inefficient or abandoned customer journeys. You can also create Remarketing Audiences to re-engage with users based on their behavior.
Furthermore, the Advanced analysis feature in GA360 provides a set of powerful audience discovery and comparison tools. You simply drag and drop dimensions and metrics onto the analysis canvas, switch between analysis techniques, and export your findings to Google Analytics segments and Remarketing Audiences.
You can also use the Roll-Up Reporting feature to aggregates data from multiple Analytics properties and see that data together in the same reports.


GA360 can integrate with BigQuery that offers super-fast queries of large data sets. With this integration, you can export all the session and hit data from an Analytics 360 and then run any custom queries against that data.
Moreover, Google Analytics 360 integrates with Salesforce to track offline/CRM conversions. Furthermore, GA360 can integrate with Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, and campaign manager in two directions.

Data-Driven Attribution

This report is available in Google analytics 360 only. Google's algorithms assign conversion credit to marketing touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey based on the available interaction data. This gives a complete and actionable view of which digital channels and clearer insight into the customer's journey during the purchase process where you can assess the performance of the campaigns and platforms. Finally, you can make better decisions to allocate more resources and budget to the most effective channel.

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