The Fundamentals of Google Ads (Adwords)

Why is Google ads important?

Digital advertising is a smart way to grow brands, it designed to increase awareness and revenue. Whether you have a small business or a large company there are many reasons why should use Google ads rather than any other ads platform. Simply, Google is undoubtedly the leading and most used search engine in the world!

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Relevance: Google ads serve you to reach your target group using relevant titles and topics, making it easy to find your products, site, services, or content.
  • Control: Control your budget and Google ads give you features that let you adjust your ad, adjust your budget, pause and restart your campaign. This helps you to control your budget, including to suit emergency situations.
  • Results: Goals such as clicks on your website, or visiting your online store, Google ads support you by paying for results and facilitating measurement tools to see how your site, apps, and ads are performing. so you can get the most out of your investment.

Google Ads campaign types:

There are five types of advertising campaigns and each type helps you achieve your business goals.

1. Google Search Ad

One of the best ways to advertise is search ads that appear next to Google search results through a search campaign

2. Google Display Ad

Display ads help reach audiences with specific interests across the web. Google display ads are achieved across a network of most popular sites and apps and may reach the majority of users on the web.

3. Google Video Ad

Due to the increasing importance of videos in the digital world, videos have swept other platforms and networks, such as the YouTube platform. The success of video marketing techniques has become very attractive for many.

4. Google Shopping Ad

It is displaying your product to your customers directly in the search. This way is highlighting the value of your company's products or services which increase its popularity and gives your consumers detailed information about what you're selling before they even click on your ad.

5. Google App Ad

due to the increase of smartphone users around the world and the rapid arrival of information in a timely manner. Mobile apps install became one of the largest parts of e-marketing strategies. The most important advantages of marketing via mobile app campaigns are increasing app engagement, app installs, and even in-app actions like signing up & purchase.

How is Google ad auction works?

For your ad to appear there in the search, Google uses an auction to decide which ads to show and how to place them. The auction system is used to rank ads that appear on the search results page. Ads must be of high quality and relevant to the search term where it should match what the user is searching for so the user actually clicks it.
The ad with the highest Ad Rank is shown in the top position. There are three main factors that determine ad quality (click-through rate, the landing page experience, and the ad relevance).
Ad relevance measures how well the ad matches what a user is searching for.

Key points make Google ads the best

  • Increase sales: Achieve your sales goals and increase profitability is the key goal that Google ads helps to achieve.
  • Get new leads: Google ads help promote and take action through organized campaigns.
  • Increase website traffic: Google ads help drive traffic to your site and attract people who are interested in your content/products.
  • Influence in mind: Google ads are one of the best ways to raise awareness and deploy your product/service in the market.
  • Branding: Google ads help create a brand and help your brand to reach to the right audience so become more widely known.
  • Promote your app: Google ads help you to achieve sales goals by increasing app installs, interactivity, and deployment.

What are the benefits of linking Google Ads (AdWords) with Google Analytics?

When you are creating a campaign on Google Ads, did you ask yourself about the ROAS "Return On Ad Spend" from this campaign?
Which Campaign/Ads/Ad Group achieved the highest profits?
Do you know what is the behavior or the actions they have taken throughout the customers & purchase journey?
Google Analytics is the tool that answers all these questions.
Google Ads (AdWords) and Google Analytics have proved their worth as valuable tools for online marketers and advertisers to get insights and detailed reports about their online marketing efforts.

Google ads do not show you what the visitors did on your website after they clicked on your ads. So If you don't have a Google Analytics account, you are missing a lot of valuable insights! Through Google Analytics, you can track users' behavior, engagement, actions, and purchases.
Click here to learn more about Google Analytics.

Top important benefits of Google Analytics:

1.Get additional data and in-depth analysis

When you link your AdWords account to Google Analytics, you get additional data that help you to optimize your AdWords Campaigns and make more informed business decisions, And you get access to onsite engagement metrics like the Bounce Rate, Pages Per Visit, Average Visit Duration.

2. Audience behavior details

This Gives you a nice overview of who’s visiting your website.
By default, you’ll see users by language, country, city and new vs returning. If this is not enough, you are welcome to add your own dimensions and metrics, the ones that matter the most to you.

3. Re-target users based on e-commerce exit steps

The most effective way to grab these drop customers is to target them based on where they dropped off. Luckily, Google Analytics let you do exactly that: with the right analytics, you can set up retargeting campaigns based on checkout behavior.

4. Easy to Identify Website/Page issue

When you link AdWords with Google Analytics, you get access to certain AdWords metrics like Average Visit Duration or Pages Per Visit. These metrics indicate that the visitor might have some problem in looking for the offer that you featured in your Ad Copy.

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