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SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, It's a simple term, yet not everyone understands its dimensions! There are many SEO agencies out there, but how many of them optimize your site based on data?

What is Our SEO Framework?



  • Business Case: Studying the Objectives and Goals of the website, targeted keywords, and targeted audiences.
  • Analysis: Analyze the current situation, the KPIs, technical errors, internal site elements, the UI-UX situation, website visits, and SWOT Analysis. 


  • Recommend: Give Recommendations and suggestions and solutions for issues and bugs, and keep recommending to enhance strengths and maintain optimization.
  • Validate: Always support and keep checking the proper deployment of our recommendations.


  • Monitor: Creating a dashboard to keep monitoring optimization and recommendations deployment and ensure solving previous issues and measuring monthly progress.
  • Report: Create periodic reports to clarify the changes on the website performance whether it happened because of our recommendations or because of Search engines algorithms changes and even if it happened because of changes in the structure of the website itself.

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We use data and Google Analytics to develop an SEO strategy that really works.



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