PCI DSS Penetration Testing

What is the PCI DSS Penetration Test?

PCI DSS Penetration testing is ethical hacking, where certified professionals simulate threat agent technologies in near-real scenarios, intending to identify configuration vulnerabilities across your organization's systems, applications, and network.
The goal of the pen-test is to discover your organization's cyber defense weaknesses, giving you an early warning to address them before any hacker exploits them.


PCI DSS Pen-Test for Level 1 Merchants:

It is mandatory for PCI DSS Lever one merchants to do a penetration test as per the auditor recommendations, you may consider the following types of pent-tests:

PCI DSS Level #1 pen-test types:

  • Network Penetration Test
  • Segmentation Test
  • Application Penetration Test
  • API Penetration Test
  • Wireless Penetration Test
  • Social Engineering Pen-Test

How Daam Al-Arabia can help you?

Our security experts at Daam Al-Arabia can help you select the right QSA, ASV, and Penetration Test firms for your business and get your PCI DSS certificate in Saudi Arabia as quickly as possible.

We also offer robust, cost-effective, PCI DSS-approved solutions:

  •  Conducting security assessments.
  •  Vulnerabilities, external, and internal scans.
  •  Penetration tests for Network, Application, API, ...etc.

Our wide range of services will not only help you prepare for PCI DSS compliance but will improve the overall security of your organization.


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