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Everyone knows that Google Universal Analytics will stop processing data starting on July 1, 2023 (GA360 UA on July 1, 2024) and you must upgrade your UA property to the new version of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property as soon as possible.
Otherwise, all historical data in that account will be lost shortly after.
GA4 comes in two versions GA4 Standard & GA4 360 see the feature limits of each, and if you want to read the summary we’ve got you covered here GA4 Analytics 360 Property VS Standard Google Analytics 4 Property.
GA4 360 has a significant change to the pricing model compared to the UA GA360. This article will walk you through these changes to help you understand how GA4 360 license is billed.

GA4 360 license cost compared with GA 360 cost

While very few clients “big enterprises” can afford Universal Analytics (UA) GA360 license cost (where the retail price of tier #1 has been $12,500/month for up to 500M hit/month). GA4 360 comes with a new pricing model that can work for both medium and large companies.
The new transparent license pricing structure of GA4 360 opens the possibility for businesses of all sizes to pay based on the usage "Pay As You Go". That means clients will pay based on actual usage of the platform so there is no waste and you don’t pay for events you aren’t using.
Yes, you got it right! Selecting your Google Analytics agency is key for both effectiveness and cutting the cost of your GA4 360 license.
Here is where Daam Al-Arabia can step in and help businesses in Saudi Arabia make the most of their GA4 implementation and reduce the cost of your GA4 360 licensing.

How is Google Analytics GA4 360 license pricing structured?

GA4 360 is billed based on the “Billable Event Volume” you consumed during a month. The total billed amount consists of two kinds of fees:
GA4 Base Fee (Fixed): It is a fixed monthly fee for all 360 accounts, which includes the cost of the first 25M events.
GA4 Event Volume Fee (Variable): This is a variable monthly fee based on the total number of billable events across all GA4 360 properties beyond the first 25M events.
For example, if a business generates 200M billable events/month, they pay [fixed fee] for the first 25M events + [variable fee] for the rest 175M events.

What is the cost of a Google Analytics 4 [GA4] 360 license?

The average retail price of Google Analytics 4 [GA4] 360 for medium businesses in KSA starts from $5,000/month, which includes at least the first 25 million events per month at no additional cost and all GA4 360 features like unlimited BigQuery export. On top of that the variable cost is added based on the extra usage.
Moreover, you may expect a big discount on the variable fee, the more data you collect, the less variable multiplier you get. In other words, the cost per 1m event will decrease as your data volumes increase.
The variable cost multiplier varies from one agency to another depending on the agency's margin and the support package they offer.
It is worth mentioning that, Google Tag Manager GTM 360 is also billed based on the “Billable Request Volume”, but don’t worry, this will be included in your GA360 license.


Every GA4 360 client needs to understand the change of GA4 360 licensing to a usage-based structure. Eventually, that means the way you plan & deploy Google Analytics 4 has a significant impact on your license costs.
If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us, Daam Al-Arabia developed a very robust analytics framework named (BII) that starts from the business use case to develop a measurement plan that helps you pay only for the data you need to meet your business goals.

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